• Bread Board with Bread Knife


    This is a challah board, bread board, wood cutting board - call it what you like! It can be used just like any other cutting board. The difference with this one is that it has an ONBOARD bread knife! There is a slot to store your bread knife IN the board, so you will always know where it is!

    The bread knife is included with the cutting board - the choices for the species of wood are in the ordering menu. Do you want more information about the bread knife? Here is a link to its listing: Bread Knives .

    Too pretty, you say? Then choose a side that is dedicated for display, then use only the other side for cutting :>!
    * All hardwoods from Northeast Ohio. We keep it local in sourcing our lumber. Any of these boards may contain walnut, maple, ash, hickory, oak, or cherry. I have photographed each board separately since they are all unique, so visit the Bread Board with Onboard Bread Knife . I have included pictures of both sides of the board, since they often look quite different. 
    * 16 in. x 9 in. x 1.5 in.
    * 5 pound
    * made using durable edge grain hardwoods
    * rounded edges for comfortable hold
    * reversible - both sides can be used
    * already conditioned with butcher block conditioner
    * Wide enough to stand on its own to save real estate on your counters!
    * cut bread
    * slice a tomato
    * charcuterie board
    * hot pad or trivet for the table
    * Ok, you get the idea :>!