• Collage Frame for 11x14 and 5x7 Pictures

    $360.00 $340.00

    This unique photo collage frame will display 9 pictures of multiple orientation.

    It is what we call a negative space collage frame! That means that the openings you see are just openings. They will not hold a picture. It's a unique design that lets you see the wall behind it, and gives each picture a little more prominence.

    It was built for a show, but that is over, so it is ready to sell. The one that is pictured above will be the exact one you will receive. I took pictures of it inside and outside for different lighting to try to capture the beautiful wood grain!

    Remember, it can be hung two different directions. Just choose from the menu to let us know.
    Opening Sizes:
    * 11x14 (1)
    * 5x7 (8)
    * 30.5 inches x 23.5 inches
    * poplar wood
    * frame grade plexiglass with cardboard backer
    * bend tabs
    * sawtooth hanger installed
    * This frame has been left Natural. It has no stain - just varnish. I have taken several close-up photos to show you the beautiful wood grain!
    * Typically the corners of the openings in the back of our frames are slightly rounded. However, since this frame was used in a show where the display art could not be trimmed, the corners got squared. I have included a photo for you to see. This is normally an additional charge, but since it is already done, we are not charging for it.
    Not quite what you want? Contact us to see if we can design one for you!