• Collage Frame with Negative Space


    This is a negative space collage frame! That means that the openings you see are just openings. They will not hold a picture. It's a unique design that lets you see the wall behind it, and gives each picture a little more prominence.

    Remember, it can be hung the other direction, as well. Just let us know when you order!
    Opening Sizes:
    * 8x10 (1)
    * 5x7 (4)
    * 15.5 inches x 24.5 inches
    * poplar wood
    * frame grade plexiglass with cardboard backer
    * bend tabs
    * sawtooth hanger installed
    Stain Colors:
    * 1. Ebony, 2. Dark Walnut, 3. Espresso, 4. Mahogany, 5. Chestnut, 6. Early American, 7. Weathered Gray, 8. Weathered Oak, 9. Natural (no stain - just varnish)
    * The corners of the openings in the BACK are slightly rounded (where you put your photos in). I have included a photo of the back for you to see. You will have to trim or fold the corners of your photos. Keep in mind that it will not affect how your pictures look from the FRONT of the frame. However, if trimming your pictures is a problem, please choose the squared corners option from the menu when ordering.
    Not quite what you need? Contact us to see if we can design one for you!