• Collage Frame with Shelf


    This is a combination wooden shelf and 5X7s collage frame. 

    The shelf is approximately 34 inches long and 4 inches wide. 

    Attached to the shelf will be 5 wood frames that will each hold a 5X7 picture. Two of the openings will be oriented landscape and the other 3 will be oriented portrait.

    The 5X7 picture frames will each have frame grade plexiglass held in place with flexible points to allow for easy changing of pictures.

    The back of the picture frame shelf will have 2 sawtooth hangers. 

    The last photo is the available stain colors. In order from lightest to darkest they are Natural, Early American, Chestnut, and Mahogany. It can also be painted black or white.

    Any questions? Feel free to contact us!