• Custom Picture Frame Collage for 5X7 Pictures


    Build a custom picture frame collage with 5X7 openings! The multi photo frames are available in a variety of configurations. I have included photos of a few of the frames we have built. 

    They will be made of poplar wood, then stained and varnished (or painted white or black). The last photograph is of the different color stains. In order from left to right you see Mahogany, Chestnut, Early American, and Natural. 

    These 5X7 collage frames are not only a way to display a lot of pictures -- their design and construction makes them a piece of art in themselves! Take a close-up to the photos to see the interesting and unique way that they are put together.

    These photo collage frames come with frame-grade plexiglass and an installed sawtooth hanger.

    Not sure if you are choosing the right one? Contact us, and I can draw a picture of what it will look like. If it's not what you want, then we can try again :>!

    ***Please be aware that the shipping will come up as a flat rate of $50. The reason for that is there is no way to program this listing to calculate shipping for each size frame, so we just chose a worst case scenario. You have 2 options. You can go ahead and place your order, then we will refund you the shipping overage upon shipment. Or you can contact us for a shipping quote specific for your frame and location, then we will create a custom listing to reflect that.***