• Custom Picture Frame Collage for 8X10 Pictures


    Build a custom collage picture frame with 8X10 openings! Since I can only load 9 pictures onto a listing, I have created several other listings for this custom frame for you to see more pictures! Just visit the 8x10 Collage Picture Frames section of the shop to find more.

     * poplar wood
     * frame grade plexiglass with cardboard backer for each opening
     * bend tabs
     * sawtooth  hanger
     * paint (white or black) OR hand rubbed stain (last picture: Mahogany, Chestnut, Early American, Natural)
    Not sure how it will look? Contact us, and I can draw a picture, so you can better visualize your frame. Then if it's not what you want, we can try again :>!

    Do you need a different size? Through these links you can find 4X6 Custom Picture Frame Collages and 5X7 Custom Picture Frame Collages.  

    Shipping: ***Please be aware that the shipping will come up as a flat rate of $100. The reason for that is there is no way to program this listing to calculate shipping for each size frame, so we just chose a worst case scenario. You have 2 options. You can go ahead and place your order, then we will refund you the shipping overage upon shipment. Or you can contact us for a shipping quote specific for your frame and location, then we will create a custom listing to reflect that.***

    INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please contact us for a shipping quote.