• Double Sided Frame


    This double side frame is designed to hold two pictures back to back. One picture will be on either side of the opening. 

    This two sided frame is made of poplar wood, then stained or painted to the color of your choice. The last photo in the listing is the stain colors that are available. From darkest to lightest they are called: Mahogany, Chestnut, Early American, and Natural. White or black painted is available, as well, just choose when you order.

    It comes with two pieces of frame grade plexiglass that will sandwich your pictures. This will allow them to be viewed from one side of the frame or the other. You change the photos by unscrewing the bottom piece. 

    The shipping is set up for the 8X10 reversible frame, so please ask for a shipping quote if you want a smaller one.

    If you need a different size, just shoot us an email ! We can customize the frame to different dimensions.