• Edge Grain Carving Board


    We make our wood carving boards out of a variety of hardwoods from Northeast Ohio. This one uses only blonde wood such as maple, oak, hickory, or ash. All of the wood that we use for our edge grain carving boards is grown in Northeast Ohio. We can certainly say that our products are Made in the USA!

    This cutting board measures 18 in. X 12.5 in. X 1.5 in, and it weighs about 8 pounds

    It is a reversible. One side is smooth, and the other side has a juice groove (or you might call it a juice trough!) to catch the liquid or crumbs from whatever you choose to cut or carve. It is ready for Thanksgiving turkey, watermelon, bread, cheese, or whatever you want to cut!

    We have added a bonus. Due to a request made by one of our customers we have added finger grooves to the sides. These extra little hollows give you the finger grip you need to more easily pick it up off the counter.

    Each one is put together using a random pattern, and each one has its own beautiful wood grain. Since each board is unique I give them all their own listings. The one you see pictured here is the one you will get! Please visit the Carving Boards with Juice Groove section of our store to see others. Choosing the one you like best can be quite a challenge!

    We condition all of our boards with Howards butcher block conditioner. It is a blend of food grade mineral oil and beeswax. Whether it is going to be a bread board, cheese board, or all-purpose board, it is ready to use the moment you receive it. But if you would like to have a bottle on hand for when you think your board needs some TLC, you can order it with this board!

    Here's an idea for a great companion to your carving board - a wood bread knife! Typically, they are $25-$27, but with this carving board they are $20-$22. You can choose it in the pull-down menu. Take a look at the Bread Knife listing for more information.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us