• Edge Grain Walnut Carving Board with Juice Groove


    This is an edge grain Walnut carving board.

    It measures 12.5 X 18 X 1.5 inches and weighs about 7 pounds.

    This walnut cutting board is reversible. One side has a juice groove (juice channel, juice gutter, juice trough - whatever you like to call it :>!) to catch juice or crumbs from whatever you would like to cut on it. The other side is smooth.

    This cutting board also has finger grooves on each of the edges to enable you to more easily pick it up. 

    This board has been conditioned with several coats of a butcher block conditioner, so it is ready for immediate use.

    A great companion for your walnut cutting board would be a wooden bread knife. By itself the wooden bread knife is $25-$27, but when combined with this board it is only $20-$22. This wooden bread knife will help you cut some wonderfully straight slices of bread! For more information about it, please look at the Bread Knives  section of the shop.

    This is one of many carving boards in this size category. Take a look at the others - choosing the one you like best is the fun part!