• EZ Reach Planter

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    We have dubbed this outdoor planter our "Easy Reach Planter"! It is at a convenient height for gardening, so if bending over to tend to plants on the ground is a problem for you, then this is your solution! It is roomy enough to plant quite a few plants and/or flowers.

    This wooden planter box doesn't have to be used because you have trouble with bending over! We have one right outside our door designated as our salad garden! Since it is right there, no one forgets to water it! And when we want a fresh salad we can just step out and harvest some! 

    It could also provide a beautiful focal point for a deck or porch filled with flowers and/or cascading plants.

    These planters are unfinished. They will weather to an attractive gray over time. If you want to stain or paint them to match something, then they are ready. You can see the picture of what our salad planter painted white looks like to give you an idea, as well as a pair that a customer stained cedar for a Mother's Day gift.

    The EZ Reach Planter is built from pressure treated pine or cedar wood. It does have drainage in the bottom.

     It comes in 2 parts: the stand and the box are separate pieces. The box comes completely assembled already, but for better shipping the stand will be taken apart and marked. Reassembling it just requires a screwdriver and the ability to match A with A, B with B, etc.

    The shallower planter with its stand as you see in the photo measures 43.5 x 19.5 X 31.5 inches. The depth of the planter itself is 6 inches. This is good for flowers, herbs and Fairy Gardens.

    The deeper planter is 43.5 X 19.5 X 37 inches, and the depth of the box itself is 12 inches. This planter works well for flowers and herbs, but also for vegetable plants with deeper root systems.

    We do custom variations of this planter, so don't be afraid to ask!