• Freestanding 10x13 Tabletop Frame

    $60.00 $45.00

    This is a freestanding picture frame. Some refer to it as a tabletop picture frame. Of course, you could put it on a desk or coffee table or bar or mantle or ... you get the idea :>. There are only 2 available in this size.


     Opening Size:

     * 10 x 13 



     * poplar wood

     * frame grade plexiglass with a cardboard backer - Yes, it will include this even though it is not pictured!

     * bend tabs

     * hand rubbed stain/varnish OR paint



     * Paint - white or black

     * Stain - 1. Ebony, 2. Dark Walnut, 3. Espresso, 4. Mahogany, 5. Chestnut, 6. Early American, 7. Weathered Gray, 8. Weathered Oak, 9. Natural (no stain - just varnish)



     * freestanding - cannot be hung on the wall

     * 1 -sided


    Other Options:

     * We also have a double sided frame that looks similar to this frame, but then it looks similar from the other side, too! That way you can see your pictures coming and going! Great for a coffee table, sofa table, or a bar! Here is the listing for them: Double Sided Frames .