• Oven Rack Puller


    An oven rack puller! What a great idea for that person who seems to have everything! At art and craft shows I can't tell you how many times someone picks it up and asks, "What is this?" Give it as a gift, and have fun watching them guess :>!

    As with many of our items, this kitchen gadget was created because someone asked if it could be done. My mother had heard about such a gadget that would allow you to pull out and push back in the oven rack without actually touching it. So Gerry went about creating what you see here. It is 11 inches long and about 2 1/2 inches at its widest part and 5/8 inch thick. It is made of oak.

    This oven rack shelf puller is ergonomically designed for efficiency and safety. The pictures you see show it being used to pull a rack out, then push the rack in. The hook is deep enough to grab the rack, but not so much that it will get stuck and be difficult to remove. And it is wide enough that it feels comfortable in your hand. It is finished with the same conditioner we use on our cutting boards. 

    Do you want to hang it up by the stove? Just choose that in the options, and we will drill a hole and put some hemp cording on it for you.