• Single Opening 8x10 Frame

    $29.00 $23.20

    This 8x10 frame is ready to ship! It was built as a display for a show, but that is over now, so it is ready to go to a new home :>.

    The frame that is pictured here is the one you will receive. It has some beautiful wood grain!
    Opening Size:
    * 8x10
    Hanging Options:
    * portrait
    * landscape
    * poplar wood
    * frame grade plexiglass with a cardboard backer
    * bend tabs
    * sawtooth hanger
    * 11.5 inches x 9.5 inches x .75 inch
    Stain Color:
    * Weathered Oak
    * The corners of the opening in the BACK (where you put your picture in) are slightly rounded. I have included a photo of an example of the back for you to see. You will have to trim or fold the corners of your photos. Keep in mind that it will not affect how your photo look from the FRONT of the frame.