Welcome to our shop! We offer handmade items for use in and around the house. They range from a wooden two sided picture frame that can hold two photos up to a collage picture frame  that can hold, well, you decide! They also range from mini cutting boards to huge edge grain carving boards with all sizes in between. Some of our products are like pieces of art meant only for display, and other products are beautiful, but intended to be functional as well. In all, we strive to create products that you can be proud to own and will last you for a very long time.

          We believe in keeping things as local as possible. The wood that we use is sourced locally. We steer away from using exotic woods in favor of homegrown sources.

     Don't see what you need (or want)? Gerry does custom woodworking in addition to our stock products. For example, you may want a custom picture frame collage that will hold different sizes of photos, perhaps even in different orientations. We can do that. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

     We also have a shop on Etsy. If you are already an Etsy member, and you would prefer to shop there, here is the link: ZimWoodworking on Etsy . 


Enjoy Shopping!

Missy and Gerry Tresler